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Welcome to The New Awakening.

We are a Hitlerite National Socialist movement that adopts the idea of The Northwest Imperative which is the creation of a White Ethno-State within the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and western Montana.Tricolor Flag

Why National Socialism?

Whether you like it or not, if you're pro-white then you're "a nazi." National Socialism is politically applied biology. White biology specifically. The virtues we hold dear are woven into the fabric of our DNA, which is why they want to destroy it.

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Why the Northwest Imperative?

As long as we're dependent upon a system trying to destroy us, we will be helpless to stop it. Currently, we're too spread out across the country and the world to affect anything. We need to concentrate ourselves to a single region and focus on building families, communities, businesses, and become self-sufficient.

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The Law.

" In 1969 the United States supreme court issued a ruling called "Brandenburg vs. Ohio" which stated that public discussion of proactive alternatives to the current electoral system do, in fact, constitute constitutionally protected Free Speech, and are not actionable. To make a long story short, Brandenburg vs. Ohio is the reason that William Pierce was able to write and publish The Turner Diaries and the reason that I have been able to write and publish my Northwest Novels, without ending up in prison for the crime of upsetting and annoying people with power.

Anyway, theoretical discussions about all those consummations devoutly to be wished, as shakespere put it, is legal and constitutionally protected FREE SPEECH under the 1st amendment. Of course it is. How does anyone think the 1st amendment and this entire country came to being in the first place? " - Harold Covington, Radio Free Northwest, Sept 21st, 2017

Supreme court ruling:

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